University of Maryland is empowering the next generation of technology entrepreneurs through this innovative master’s program.
By Betsy Mikel (Editor, Women 2.0)
women2-sponsored-blog-postThere are a few ways to go about in launching your tech startup. One way is through trial and error. Plenty of people go this route, but it’s certainly not without its challenges and mega frustrations. You may end up blowing tons of money, resources and time along the way as you figure things out.
That’s why University of Maryland is now offering an online master’s program for tech entrepreneurship. Taught by award-winning faculty with real startup experience, the program offers budding entrepreneurs support to build a successful venture. “This degree equips students with the ability to envision, develop, launch, and grow innovations,” explains the University of Maryland site, “and provides the credentials to be an attractive recruit for innovation-focused companies and organizations.”

A Few More Details About the Program

The University of Maryland’s Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship (MPTE) is a 100 percent online, 15-month, $19,500 program that provides aspiring and active entrepreneurs with the skills, tools and relationships to develop and lead an innovative venture.
University of Maryland Program
With students enrolled from across the world, this global networking opportunity cultivates lasting personal and professional relationships to nurture new ventures.
While a master’s degree is not a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success, the knowledge gained from award-winning faculty with real startup experience surely beats the expense and frustration of learning by trial and error. With students enrolled from all over the world, you can share opportunities and ideas with peers. This global networking opportunity cultivates lasting personal and professional relationships to nurture new ventures worldwide.
The application deadline for our Spring 2016 cohort is December 15, 2015. Our application is comprised of a personal statement, resume and college transcript. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted initially. Letter of recommendation and GMAT/GRE scores are not required. International students may submit their TOEFL or IELTS scores after the application date.
To learn more about our program we invite you to visit our website at and watch our online information session.  
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