Check out what our past PITCH participants have accomplished.


Our PITCH Startup Competition has focused on early-stage startups over the last seven years, drawing over 500 applications. Many of our finalists have had pioneering accomplishments since then. They have been acquired by Yahoo!, TripAdvisor and more, collectively secured $29.5 million in funding, attracted investments from top firms, and joined renowned accelerators and incubators Y Combinator and 500 Startups, and more. We’ve highlighted some major accomplishments below.


alike_logo_coral-4fdb275b8fa65a199fecac60239886c7AlikeAcquired by Yahoo! 2013

PITCH finalist NY 2012

Founder Maria Zhang

Alike lets you know about nearby restaurants, bars and cafes that are similar to those you’re already a fan of.


500 Startups / $300,000 funding / Acquired by TripAdvisor

PITCH finalist SF 2013 (as TinyReview)

Founders: Melissa Miranda, Dick Brouwer

Say what you think about a place quickly: take a picture and write 3 words. We make reviews fun, short, and easy.




  The Muse500 Startups / Y Combinator /  $12.8 million funding

PITCH finalist NYC 2013

Founders: Alex Cavoulaco, Kathryn MinshewMelissa McCreery

The Muse is the most trusted career brand for Millennials, helping 3+ million people/month find jobs & succeed in their careers.




   Abbeypost  500 Startups / $875k funding / acquired by Sourceeasy

PITCH Finalist Las Vegas 2013

Founders: Cynthia Schames, Lex Mustafin

The software platform solving the biggest problem in apparel today: fit. AbbeyPost delights customers with beautiful, well made plus-size wardrobe classics that fit perfectly.


Unknown   Maker’s Row$1 million seed funding

PITCH Finalist SF 2013

Founders: Tanya MenendezMatthew Burnett

Maker’s Row is an online marketplace that connects American manufacturers with small, medium-sized, and product-based businesses. Maker’s Row claims to have the most accessible list of American manufacturers available online for apparel production.




 CareLulu$1.7 million funding

Pitch Finalist Las Vegas 2013

Founders: Evgeniya Usmanova, Patrick Matos, Gabriel Marques

CareLuLu is an online marketplace that connects parents to the best daycares and preschools.




  Enplug$2.5 million funding

PITCH Finalist SF 2013

Founders: Nanxi LiuZach Spitulski, Alex Ross, Navdeep Reddy

Enplug is a turnkey software platform that bridges online content into the physical world for companies that use digital displays inside their business today.




HealthyOut  500 Startups / $1.2 million funding

PITCH finalist SF 2013

Founders: Wendy Nguyen, Jonathan Hironaga, Dan Myers

HealthyOut is a mobile app that enables users to discover healthy restaurant dishes and have them delivered to their home or office.




SupportPay$2.8 million funding

PITCH Finalist SF 2014

Founder: Sheri Atwood

SupportPay is a child support payment platform for the millions of parents in the US and globally who exchange over $990 billion dollars in child support every year.



InYourCornerY Combinator

Pitch People’s Choice Winner SF 2014 (as PrettyPaddedRoom)

Founder: Bea Arthur

InYourCorner has transformed traditional therapy into an experience that is affordable and approachable. Instant, expert support when you need it.




Cheddar Up500 Startups / $600,000+ funding

PITCH finalist SF 2014

Founders: Nichole Montoya, MollyDiCarlo

Cheddar Up is a service that makes managing large group payments a breeze through the use of a wildly simple user interface.




  ActivityHero500 Startups / $2.2 million funding

PITCH finalist NYC 2012

Founders: Shilpa Dalmia and Peggy Chang

ActivityHero is a one-stop shop for parents to search, plan & book kids’ activities.


profile-photo-ObjectiveMarketer-96x96Objective Marketer Acquired by EmailVision

PITCH finalist SF 2010

Founder: Amita Paul

Objective Marketer is utilized by companies to coordinate all of their social media conversations and track the traffic directly back to their sites.


2e377d66496726c6b6be871b26d193bd – $1.3 million funding

Founders: Ivana Schnur, Adam Odessky is an avatar based, emotively driven clinical platform that helps clinicians better manage their chronic care patients. 




Traveling Spoon – $900,000 funding

PITCH Finalist Las Vegas 2013

Founders: Steph Lawrence, Aashi Vel

Traveling Spoon is changing the future of travel by connecting travelers with authentic food experiences in people’s homes around the world through a vetted, online marketplace. Travel off the Eaten Path.




 weeSpringTechstars accelerator / $700,000 funding

PITCH Finalist Las Vegas 2013

Founders: Melissa Post, Allyson DowneyJack Downey

weeSpring is a social shopping platform for new and expecting parents, offering them a quick window into the baby gear their friends love, have, regret buying, or want.




Totspot – 500 Startups / $1.8 million funding

PITCH finalist Las Vegas 2013

Founders: Mei Siauw, Vikrant Ramteke, Vijay Ramani

Totspot is a mobile marketplace to shop and sell kids fashion.




FiestahStart-up Chile accelerator

PITCH finalist SF 2013

Founders: Putri Nurul Ida, Stefanos Missailidis, Marvin Tam

Fiestah is an online event planning platform that helps organizers compare ideas and offers from a list of curated vendors.




CitizenMade –  NewMe Accelerator

PITCH finalists NYC 2012

Founders Rachel Brooks, Bryn McCoy

CitizenMade makes it possible for brands to sell custom products online.