This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating our Women 2.0 team members across the world who make it happen every month at City Meetup.

Betsy Mikel (Editor, Women 2.0)

Every year on March 8, organizations, charities, governments, women’s groups and the Internet in general recognizes International Women’s Day. The day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality. This year’s theme is #makeithappen.

We feel insanely lucky to be a part of this movement every single day. And we couldn’t do it without the support, dedication and enthusiasm of our Women 2.0 team. This includes not just our team working at Women 2.0 HQ, but also our City Meetup teams across the world.

Nearly every month, these men and women bring together their local communities of tech entrepreneurs, game changers and innovators to connect, learn from each other and get inspired. At each event, they’re the first the arrive and the last to leave — and they do a whole lotta work in between. Without them, Women 2.0 City Meetups in San Francisco, Oakland, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City, Toronto, St. Louis, Dublin, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley and Crystal City wouldn’t happen.

If you’ve attended a Women 2.0 City Meetup over the past few years, you’ve benefited from their hard work. If you’ve found support in the Women 2.0 community, they’ve had a big role to play in facilitating it. If you’ve been inspired hearing a tech entrepreneur speak about her successes and failures, your have your City Meetup team to thank.

Join us in celebrating some our team members who #makeithappen!

  • Shaherose CharaniaShaherose Charania, Co-founder & CEO

    I’m Shaherose, co-founder and CEO of Women 2.0. I’m not at my desk often (usually on a plane, speaking at a conference, pacing around the office on a phone call, at a yoga class), but when I am, I work at a standing desk, headphones in, playing self-curated music (follow me on SoundCloud or Spotify!) that makes me dance, dance, dance sometimes just sway. So yes, I work, stand, and dance at once. It’s a thing. 😉

  • Justin MaplesJustin Maples, Chief Operating Officer 

    I’m Justin and I work behind the scenes at Women 2.0 to make sure operations and finance goes smoothly. I like to work with big head phones; they actually aren’t on. I just like the way they look on me.

  • Jin ZhouJin Zhou, Global Programs Manager 

    I’m Jin and when I’m not working on City Meetups I like to take funny scrunchy face selfies.

  • Jessica SchimmJessica Schimm, Digital Audience Engagement 

    Hey there! Jess here. I’m the digital marketing engagement lead at Women 2.0. I have the best job in the world because I get paid to be super creative for an awesome social mission. Fun fact: I try to go to 3 country music concerts a year.

  • Betsy MikelBetsy Mikel, Managing Editor 

    I’m Betsy and I think about words 24/7. My secret talent is that I can work and sleep almost anywhere and at anytime! Except when I’m eating cheese. Then I am eating cheese.

  • Amy MylesAmy Myles, Assistant Editor 

    Hello! I’m Amy, Assistant Editor at Women 2.0 and I absolutely love working with Betsy and the team – albeit remotely… I’m in London… my favourite city in the world. I love dancing, watching films and I cannot get through a day without at least four cups of tea.

Moloud Mousavi, Vancouver City Meetup Lead

Hi, my name is Moloud. I lead volunteers in Vancouver. Because of its seawall, Vancouver brags on having the most beautiful downtown in North America. Running on the seawall shoots my optimism bars to the sky.

  • Mitchelle Mejia

    Mitchelle Mejia, Vancouver City Meetup

    Heya! I’m Mitchelle, I rep women 2.0 in Vancouver. When I’m out of the office you can find me doing yoga or hiking the beautiful trails Vancouver has to offer.

  • Iris ShermanIris Sherman, Crystal City City Meetup Lead 

    I am Iris Sherman, Crystal City DC Area Women 2.0 Leader and Co-founder of Kitchology Inc.  I’m a passionate serial entrepreneur of science and technology. My current venture, Kitchology is a mobile food software platform that can modify any recipe to meet nutritional goals and behavior. We use machine learning technology to capture knowledge from consumers surrounding their nutritional needs through recipe modifications, inventory management along with personalized interactions. We passionately focus on the food allergy community that face the most challenges making sure that their food choices are safe.

  • Sepi EivaziSepi Eivazi, Las Vegas City Meetup 

    My name is Sepi and I help with Marketing and Social Media for City Meetups for Women2.0 in Las Vegas. I believe in magical moments in life. My nickname is giggles as I love to laugh freely and love passionately.

  • Nizza SamuelNizza Samuel, London City Meetup 

    Hi, I’m Nizza. I help out at the Women 2.0 City Meetup, London. In my spare time, I make the most of amazing deals to Europe, jet-setting away for the weekend. In this photo, I was in Bratislava, Slovakia where I had the best hot chocolate & spinach pie for breakfast =)

  • St. LouisEmma Dong, Sidra Naseer & Marlowe, St. Louis City Meetup Team 

    We’re Sidra, Marlowe and Emma, and we’re the Women 2.0 STL team. Sidra works recruiting speakers from the startup ecosystem and coordinating marketing efforts, Marlowe represents MasterCard and helps sponsor the events, and Emma assists with moderating, registration, and speaker outreach. We certainly enjoy empowering women in tech!

  • Sidra NaseerSidra Naseer, St. Louis City Meetup 

    Hi I’m Sidra, and I’m a marketing coordinator at Women 2.0 STL. I am involved in the startup ecosystem to in Saint Louis, and I recruit speakers for our events and help with marketing outreach. I love empowering women entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed. You may recognize me from my occasional massive amounts of tweets around monthly meetup time.

  • San FranciscoMarisol MacGregor, Salem Kimble, & Kathie Green, San Francisco City Meetup Team 

    When we’re not meeting the CTO of the United States (which has only happened once), we love morning hikes together at the Lands End coastal trail, taking in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Gloria SuGloria Su, Silicon Valley Meetup 

    My name is Gloria, and I am #TheChineseGirl(tm).  Breed by engineering parents, math was my strength until I started coding at 15. Before high school ended, I was already having fun taking college-level programming courses. I love technology and I love to build things. While obsessed with building an atypical language learning system (, I want to continue to support other female professionals through @Women2.

  • Erica RamosErica Ramos, Las Vegas City Meetup 

    I think it’s really important to incorporate fun and play into office life. I’ve successfully taught 3 of my colleagues how to hula hoop while brainstorming about creative content.

  • Jade LuoJade Luo, Toronto City Meetup 

    Hola from Jade. I rep Women 2.0 in Toronto. When I’m not pretending to be working, I can be found by the beach drinking Pina Colada.

  • Juleah SzopoJuleah Szopo, Chicago City Meetup Lead 

    I’m Juleah Szopo and am the Chicago Women 2.0 City Meetup Lead. When I need a day away from the office I work best in a cafe that plays great music and a chai latte beside me.

  • Dorothy PontonDorothy Ponton, Oakland City Meetup 

    I’m Dorothy and when I’m not volunteering at Oakland W2.0, I’m the Community Engagement Manager for Girls Leadership. I enjoy meeting feathered friends with great vocabularies.

    • Anu Yarlagadda 

      Anu Yarlagadda, Silicon Valley City Meetup

       Hi there. This is Anu. I am part of this amazing Women 2.0 team for Silicon Valley chapter. I meet so many interesting women (of course the smart men who support women) who are smart, enthusiastic and share some similar interests with me. I am a student at Santa Clara University which introduced me to this amazing organization with passionate team to change the world!

      • Sharon Sion

        Sharon Sion, New York City Meetup

         I’ve been mentoring “Cindy” for 2 years.


          Belinda ChenBelinda Chen, Vancouver City Meetup

           I’m a scientist with a passion for leadership, communication, connecting others, great customer service and innovative business ideas!