Get brand exposure and connect with a talented and diverse group of tech workers at the HowTo Conference. 

By Ayesha Rizvi (Editorial & Multimedia Assistant, Women 2.0)

Be it demos of cutting-edge products and services or a place to recruit and be recruited for job openings; some amazing companies will be running the show at the Innovation Hall during our HowTo Conference this fall. While the conference itself  is a great way for your company (and you) to connect with others in tech, the Innovation Hall is the best way to align with the top brands in technology and entrepreneurship and will be your base for educational workshops that’ll run between 10am and 4pm on both conference days.

The Innovation Hall is made up of three main features; Branded Workshops, Demo Table & the Job Fair Table. Here is a little breakdown of what to expect from each of them:

Branded Workshops
Find a seat at a company’s workshop/office hour for 30-60 minutes to get educated about their product, service or resources.

Current lineup of branded workshops for HowTo:

Pronq_Logo_SOURCE_FILE_cmyk   femgineer

CreativeAgeLeadership    Althea_logo1


Meet the brands who have given branded workshops at our previous conferences:

logo_NR-fb Kabam_Logo  new samahope logo paypal-logo   carrferrell-logo   Portfolia

Demo Table
Our Demo Table serves to let attendees check out who’s new in town. Have an innovative startup? Get exposure to your product and/or service here.

Meet the brands that participated in Innovation Hall in the past: 

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Job Fair Table
Recruiters – get exposure to a highly-motivated, diverse group of attendees in tech.

Job Seekers – introduce yourself to innovative companies who’ll be on the hunt for high quality, driven future employees (remember to keep those business cards handy).

Interested in showing off your company or looking to hire some awesome employees? Sign up for a branded workshop, demo table or a job fair table, we’d love to have you.

Innovation Hall ONLY Ticket
Can’t attend the whole conference but still want a taste? This ticket provides attendee access ONLY to the Innovation Hall and DOES NOT include an entrance into the main conference hall. You’ll miss out on keynotes, sessions, networking, breakfast, lunch, and cocktail hour. All tickets are non-transferable.

Photo by Elvina Beck.

Here the experiences from our past Innovation Hall speakers…