Learn how you can make the most of our Lunch Mentorship Sessions at HowTo this fall.

By Ayesha Rizvi (Multimedia & Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

As most of you know, we’re gearing up for HowTo this fall and we’re also bringing back one of the most rewarding conference experiences; the Lunch Mentorship. Don’t know what it is? For starters, it’s meant to be an opportunity for intimate networking and learning as you gather around a table with 5-7 other participants and your mentor. To participate, make sure you fill out the sign up form for Lunch Mentorship when you purchase your conference ticket online so we know who you are, what you’re into and who we can match you up with.

What is Mentorship?



-past conference attendee

“Mentorship is far too integral to career development to rush. Demystify the mentorship relationship – put in the time to decode this black box,” guest blogger Courtney Mayeda wrote in a post for Women 2.0 in 2012. 

It’s no secret that while on your path to success you’re bound to come across people who will influence your thinking, strategies and work ethic. They will become your mentors for a certain time period and you will value their input because they don’t have a financial stake in your success. But how do you know who is the perfect mentor for you?

Check out what Karen Russell, a Harvard-trained lawyer at Davis Wright Tremaine, said about mentorship during her talk for TEDxOvertake:

One of our favorite quotes from Russell’s TED talk:

“If you have a point of view about the ideas that you want to share, I think you can become a mentor,” because it really is that easy!

Women 2.0’s Lunch Mentorship Sessions, There Are Two!


To speed up the process of connecting people and maximizing what one can get out of mentorship, we bring you ‘Lunch Mentorship’ sessions at our conference. We’ve put together two kinds of mentorship sessions; Lunch Mentorship with Investors and Lunch Mento
rship with Entrepreneurs.

Open only to founders of tech startups, our Lunch Mentorship with Investors session matches founders of technology startups with angel investors or venture capitalists whose portfolios reflect similar business areas, company stages, and investment capacity. This session provides an opportunity to better understand the investor and funding process, as well a chance to form a valuable connection with an investor.

Lunch Mentorship with Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, is open to all conference attendees for fueling inspiration amongst participants, provided each of them have a purchased conference ticket.

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Seats for our Lunch Mentorship Sessions are limited and we accept people on a first come first serve basis so hurry and sign up! If you already purchased your ticket but didn’t sign up for a Mentorship session and are feeling blue, that’s okay, shoot us an email at fallconference2014@women2.com so we can help! Don’t forget to check out the list of mentors we have confirmed for this fall!

Get Your Tickets to howTo: Sept 30 – Oct 1!

Photo by Sierra Jewell.