Our first webinar with PITCH coach Dave Kochbeck was a success!

By Ayesha Rizvi (Multimedia & Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

Thanks to everyone who attended our first webinar last week! Hosted by our PITCH coach Dave Kochbeck, it was full of vital tips for founders or entrepreneurs who might want to apply to our PITCH competition this fall. (Don’t forget the deadline to apply is July 31)

We recently launched webinars to promote new networks amongst the entire technology ecosystem in innovative cities around the world. This event is open to those who work, start and fund tech companies. Both women and men are invited to attend. At Women 2.0, we’re committed to sharing useful skills, tips and stories with the rapidly evolving tech community and this is just another way we hope to reach more people.

Our First Webinar: “How to Pitch Your Startup”

Led by Women 2.0’s personal PITCH coach, Dave Kochbeck, the webinar kicked off online via youtube at 11 am PST and was viewed by over 50 people in real-time. For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, you can view a recording of the full webinar online.

The topic for this webinar was “How to Pitch Your Startup” and although it fits in well with our upcoming competition, some tips Dave touched on can be beneficial to anyone pitching to investors or seeking funding for their companies.

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Beginning with a quick overview of PITCH, Dave pointed out that over 80 (very) early-stage startups had made it to the final round of PITCH and around half of these became funded after the competition was over. If you were unsure of applying to PITCH, that alone may have helped encourage you  to hit submit on that application page you’ve looked over maybe a hundred times.

One of the many key points Dave highlighted in this webinar is that there is no single way to pitch your early-stage startup. Keep in mind that all pitches must be personal to your goal as a founder and you should expect to pitch before a large number of investors. Some will be met with enthusiasm and appreciation, while others may not, but this is all part of the pitch game that almost every founder will experience.

The sub-topics covered in this webinar ranged from defining what a pitch is, when you should (and should not) be pitching, what your pitch must include, how your pitch should be crafted in terms of your target audience and the most common things overlooked by founders while pitching that can ultimately damage the results or credibility of their pitches.

To sum it up, this one-hour webinar provides founders with a better understanding of content, goals and flaws as they relate to a pitch. Use this as a guide for starting on a pitch or a checklist to make sure you’ve covered the basics if you already have a pitch ready to go. Don’t forget to stay tuned until the end when Dave addresses questions asked by those who were watching it live!