Everyone feels like giving up at some point in their career, but it is all in how you deal with it. 

By Rebecca Tracey (Editor-in-Chief, The Uncaged Life)

It happens to everyone.

You’re psyched about your business and/or life. You’re getting shit done and making waves.

And then… you’re not. Things start to feel hard. Nothing is working. Where the fuck are all the clients? And the money?

And you want to quit.

And when this happens, you are at a very very critical point in your business.

It’s basically the point where you need to make a very important decision about whether you  actually want a business in the first place. And it’s up to you. You can call it quits now, or you can trudge forward.

But how are you supposed to know which path to take? Where’s the goddamn roadmap for when to quit and when to keep going?

Here’s the truth: There isn’t one.

But I know that answer sucks, so I’m gonna create the only roadmap you will ever need. Use it over and over and over again.

Here it is:

1. Do you want a business? Really?

Think hard about this one – the answer isn’t always as obvious as it first appears.

If you answered no: Quitting is probably a good idea. You can stop reading here, and go unsubscribe to every business blog you read, and get on with your life. Ahhhh. Probably feels really good.

If you answered yes: Then don’t quit. Do whatever task you had set out to do today, even if you’re not inspired. Because the truth is, successful business owners don’t only work when they are inspired and when they feel passionate. They get up and do the damn work every day.

I bet you’re thinking “But Becca – it’s not that simple!”

Actually, it is. Either you want it and you work for it, or you don’t, and you don’t.

Of course, if you’re not having fun, and are feeling uninspired on the regular, but you DO still want a business, then something in your business probably just needs to change.

Here are some other questions you can consider to help you decide what’s amiss:

1. Does what I’m working on feel totally in line with my core business purpose/message and what I’m all about? If not – ditch it and work on something else.

2. Are the clients that I’m working with totally and utterly amazing? If not, ditch em.

3. Does the way I am working with people feel good and is it letting me use all my strengths and skillz and personality? If not – well, you probably know what to do. And if you don’t, click here.

4. What do I wish I had permission to do right now in my business? #fullpermissiongranted

5. Will this thing I’m working on make me money or have a significant impact on my business, or am I just distracting myself from the real work? If no, then scrap it and get to what’s actually important.

6. Am I doing this MY way, or am I trying to copy someone else’s template and it’s not feeling like it’s working? If no, scrap it and find YOUR way.

7. If I was making money with this right now, would this be more fun? If yes, then good – keep at it. If not, scrap it and do what WOULD feel like more fun. Sometimes the only difference between something feeling terrible and feeling great is whether or not it’s getting you paid. #truestory

The key is to make sure that you’re always taking action to do SOMETHING that will move your business forward, even (and especially) when you don’t feel inspired.

And on the days when you really, really can’t bring yourself to do anything? Grab a tub of your most favorite chilled treat (Coconut Bliss is my new current fave – it’s been a 4-tubs-a-week kind of month) – turn on Netflix, and totally disconnect from your life and your business.

Then tomorrow, wake up and get back to work.

What do you do when you feel like giving up?

This post originally appeared on The Uncaged Life.