Check out these tracks that we think will help you step into your best PITCH mode.

By Women 2.0 Staff

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Many times you are faced with having to think on your feet and selling your brand to potential investors at any moment.

Former finalists have said that PITCH gave them the chance to go on to bigger things and some were given the confidence to take their companies to the next level.

To help you calm those nerves and bring your “A” game, Women 2.0’s CEO Shaherose Charania, has recommended tracks for a perfect PITCH playlist and gives her reasoning behind why she hand-selected each song.

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Conquer – OVERWERK

Shaherose: You want to conquer your industry, that’s what you’re here for. These high energy vibrations will drive up your adrenaline to prepare you for this battle. As an employee or an entrepreneur, you are always “overwerking.”

Behind the Enemy – Terminal State

Shaherose: The enemy – sometimes it’s your competitor and sometimes it can be you; whoever it is, move ahead. This level-tempoed song will help you do that.

Bailando – Enrique Iglesias

Shaherose: Dancing releases all sorts of positive energy. Join us y baila conmigo. Release the energy that will release endorphins and lead to the confidence, strength and creativity you need to nail your PITCH.

The Uprising – Gramatik

Shaherose: Entrepreneurs bring an uprising of change, hope and inspiration. With our ideas, ethics and drive, we will change the world we live in and (ideally) leave it behind for the better.

Can’t Kill Us – Glitch Mob

Shaherose: You can’t. We are innovators!

Everlasting Mix – Gaudi

Shaherose: A long mix to wind you down, as you think, rehearse and prepare. We don’t always need high-tempo energy, we also need relaxation and this mix helps us reflect and improve in the calm spaces we create.

Dust Storm – The Spill Canvas

Shaherose: Another calming tune to bring repair to the mind. This song brings moments of opening and creativity, takes us out of our regular thinking patterns and helps us expand and release new thoughts and energy.

Feeling Good – Nina Simone

Shaherose: A repeat track from our last playlist, because it’s just too good. Before you hit the stage, take a meeting or start a new idea, you gotta be feeling good, and this Nina Simone remix takes you to that place.

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Applications for PITCH are due by July 15.