Interested in Fintech? Check out the highlights from our popup event with MasterCard held in San Jose last month!

By Ayesha Rizvi (Editorial Intern, Women 2.0)

Gone are the days of having a bank handle all your finances. Now, financial relationships are relying more and more on technology. Women 2.0 recently partnered with MasterCard and held a free pop-up event on April 29th to highlight the importance of fintech by sharing the stories and experiences of the women from MasterCard and other fintech companies with all who attended.

The event itself included a brief introduction by Women 2.0 CEO, Shaherose Charania, and a panel discussion with women in the finance tech space, which was moderated by MasterCard’s very own, Kelly Buchanan (VP of Operations and Technology). She questioned the panel; which included Lisa Falzone, co-founder of Revel Systems, Carol Realini, mobile banking pioneer, and Jen Millard, Founder of Truaxis, about the challenges faced by fintech startups, strengths each startup needs in order to thrive in this sector of technology and the global differences in fintech as they relate to mobile banking.  To wrap up, each speaker offered advice for beginners in the industry, based on their personal experiences. We’ve taken the best clips of advice and compiled it into a short video below.

Scroll down to see moments from our event in pictures.

Shaherose's introduction


Attendees 1

Attendees 2

Attendees 3

Attendees 4