Meet some fabulous founders from London, UK.

Because London is our featured City Meetup city this month, we wanted to highlight a few founders who are making groundbreaking discoveries in the tech industry  there. Aside from London being one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, the city also has a unique nurturing tech culture. The list of founders we have below is far from being complete but we wanted to give you a taste of what kind of ideas are flowing out of this magical European city.

Brynne-Herbert-MOVE-Guides-792x1024Brynne K. Herbert (Co-founder & CEO, MOVE Guides)

MOVE Guides is a cloud-based platform for employee relocation and global mobility. It provides solutions ranging from hyper local city guides to comprehensive lump sum move support making relocation for employees an easy and affordable process. Founder Brynne Herbert is an ex-banker and investor turned entrepreneur who travels between the United States, United Kingdom and parts of Asia. Herbet is a graduate from Yale University earned a MBA from London Business School.

Michelle YouMichelle You (Co-founder & Chief of Product, Songkick)

Songkick is an online database of concerts and other music events for music enthusiasts across genres, and most cities too. It eliminates the hassle of subscribing to countless websites or newsletters to track where your favorite band will perform next. Founder Michelle You is the tutor you always wish you had for your english homework. She was the managing editor for Theme Magazine prior to becoming a part of Songkick and holds a bachelors degree in English and Philosophy from Columbia University with a masters in English from Cambridge University.

Julia FowlerJulia Fowler (Co-founder, EDITD)

Often referred to as a online apparel data warehouse, EDITD is essentially a tool for fashion buyers, merchandisers and designers to quantify commercial trends by analyzing retail, product and social data. Former fashion designer herself, founder Julia Fowler, detected the lack of factual data within the fashion industry and is attempting to fix the lack of data through EDITD alongside Geoff Watts.


unnamedAlicia Navarro (Co-founder & CEO, Skimlinks)

Skimlinks is a simplified marketing tool for publishers to convert their existing links into affiliate marketing links. The company initially launched with the social decision-making tool and then the white-labelled version of this service Skim-in-a-box. Born in Australia, founder Alicia Navarro has been a consultant for IBM and a product manager for Vodafone before she started Skimlinks. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Technology from Sydney in Information Technology and Computing Sciences.

Reshma_pressReshma Sohoni (Co-founder & Partner, Seedcamp)

Seedcamp acts as a micro seed fund by putting the next generation of developers and entrepreneurs in front of a network of company builders like seed investors, serial entrepreneurs, product experts, HR specialists, marketers, lawyers, recruiters, journalists and venture capitalists. With her investment focus primarily on B2B, fashion, gaming, travel, and financial services at Seedcamp, founder Reshma Sohoni has an MBA from INSEAD and dual undergraduate degrees in engineering and business from the University of Pennsylvania.

SachitaSanchita Saha (Founder & CEO, City Socializer) is a subscription-based social network that enables users to find like-minded members around them to spend time together doing their preferred activities. It’s essentially like online dating but for friends without the emotional risk and only allows people with similar interests to enjoy each each others company. With a Math degree from UCL, founder Sanchita Saha worked for BBC before she founded citysocializer. She is passionate about the online to offline social networking and building communities and connections across the world.