MBAs are a huge investment of time and money, but are they worth it? Do you really need one to start a business in tech?

By Amy Noble (Editorial Assistant, Women 2.0)

College students are already emerging into a competitive marketplace, often having already incurred considerable debt due to their studies, so the prospect of further study can be a daunting one. Whilst it’s clear that achieving an MBA will do no harm when it comes to developing your entrepreneurship skills, is it really necessary to go to business school to launch your own business?

Below is an infographic from Best Value Schools outlining the top ten tech entrepreneurs without MBAs… You’ll note that all of them are male, but some of the top female entrepreneurs have also skipped business school and headed straight for commercial success, including Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. The infographic also explores the value an MBA brings to different disciplines. Take a look and decide for yourself whether an MBA is something you really want to pursue.

Do you really need an MBA?

This infographic originally appeared on Best Value Schools’ website.