Alyssa Henry joins top executives from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Apple and Tesla on Square’s leadership team.

By Betsy Mikel (Editor, Women 2.0)

Once the pet project of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, credit card processing company Square is catching the attention of both consumers and top tech talent alike.

Building on their first product that launched in 2010 — the little square device that plugs into smart phones and iPads and allows anyone, anywhere to accept credit cards payments — Square is creating an arsenal of tools tailored for small businesses commerce. The company is rumored to file for IPO later this year and has bolstered their executive team with top talent from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Apple, Tesla, and now Amazon.

Earlier this week, Square announced in a press release that Alyssa Henry, who was previously Vice President of Amazon Web Services Storage Services, would join the team as engineering lead.

“Making technology simple is a fun challenge because it requires tackling massive complexity,” Alyssa said in the release. “I’ve spent the last seven years building simple, reliable and cost-effective services that help entrepreneurs scale their business. I’m super excited to join the team at Square because local sellers deserve access to the same tools and opportunities to grow.”

As engineering lead, Henry will help Square build reliable and scalable services and tools for entrepreneurs to grow their business. In her previous role at Amazon, Henry led services including Amazon S3 (the online file storage web service that big names like Netflix and Pinterest use to store their data as well as thousands of smaller businesses and websites) and Amazon EBS. Her experience working for the largest online retailer in the world will certainly come in handy as Square continues to build commerce-based products and tools for their customers.

In addition to Henry, other women on Square’s leadership team include Chief Financial Officer Sarah Friar (previously at Salesforce) and General Counsel Dana Wagner (previously at Google.)

What other top tech females would you like to see bring their expertise to startups?

About the author: Betsy Mikel is a freelance copywriter and content strategist who helps brands, businesses and entrepreneurs tell their stories. A journalist at heart, her curiosity drives her to find something new to learn every single day. Follow her on Twitter at @betsym.