Congrats to Sheri Atwood and  Lorena Chiu, co-founders of SupportPay, the latest finalist to be announced for our upcoming PITCH Competition.

By Dana Rosenberg (PITCH Coordinator, Women 2.0)

Our online judges have been busy reviewing all of the PITCH applications, with our conference now just weeks away. PITCH Finalists will be competing on stage for prize packages that would make any entrepreneur swoon!

Today we are excited to announce our third PITCH finalist, SupportPay, the first automated child support payment platform. By enabling parents to share child expenses and exchange child support directly with each other, SupportPay aims to make the divorce process a little easier.

We can’t wait to hear more about the great impact SupportPay will have on the families it affects across the country. Watch them pitch live and get feedback from top-shelf investors!

Company Description

supportpay-logo-1000pxSupportPay is the first automated child support payment platform that enables parents to share child expenses and exchange child support directly with each other.

In the US, there are 55 million parents that live apart. 39 million exchange over $200 billion a year in child expenses and child support/alimony (most people hear about the 16 million who don’t pay) Globally, there are over 298 million parents who exchange $900 billion a year. After a parent has an order, there has been no standard way for parents to manage this conflict ridden process. Since child support is not just a single monthly payment but also a broad collection of shared expenses (medical, education, childcare, etc) parents must continually manage, communicate and negotiate over these expenses. The process is complex, time consuming and stressful.

SupportPay eliminates child support conflict providing both parents transparency while saving time and money. Parents can now spend less time managing child support and more time raising happy, healthy children.

Founder Bios

 SheriSheri Atwood, founder and CEO, is a former Silicon Valley executive, a single mom and a child of a bad divorce. She married at 19, completed undergrad in 3 1/2 yrs, finished her MBA 10 days before her child was born, while working full time, divorced at 25 and was the youngest VP at Symantec. She is energetic, resourceful and lives by the motto “Don’t talk about it, be about it!”

JanicyaLorena Chiu, co-founder and CTO, joined the team a year after it was formed. Lorena is a former IT executive and is responsible for development and operations. She is detailed oriented, process driven, a mother of two, a wife of one and passionate about changing the lives of children worldwide.

Want to see the founders pitch live on stage? Join us at the conference!

Dana Rosenberg (@DanaRosenbergis Director of Business Development at Rock Health. Prior to Rock Health, Dana led user acquisition, engagement, marketing and PR at HealthTap and was a consultant at Easton Associates, a healthcare strategy consulting firm.