The tech industry is losing out on talent from the black and Latino communities. See just how wide the opportunity gap is with this infographic.

By Amy Noble (Editor, Women 2.0)

Here’s a riddle for you: if the number of science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) jobs is increasing by the day, and if the black and Latino populations are among the fastest growing in the US, how is it that just 5% of the current tech workforce are Latino/a, and only 4% are black?

CODE2040 and LPFI (Level Playing Field Institute) are working to improve the opportunity gap for black and Latino/a STEM workers, from education onwards. Take a look at this infographic from the two groups to see just how wide the gap really is…


Amy-1141bAbout the guest blogger: Amy is a freelance editor and writer based in London. She is also a copywriter and project manager at a branding and creative agency and a freelance translator (from French into English). She studied Modern Languages at Queens’ College, Cambridge.