Just because you’re always traveling for business, doesn’t mean you have to forget about fitness. 
By Danielle Hastings (Co-founder, Ramblen)

When you’re starting out on a new venture you don’t have the luxury of catering meetings and appointments to your schedule. The reality is you’re often at the mercy of other people. You’ve likely read the studies and stories about how exercise can help boost your performance at work but how do you keep up with your healthy lifestyle while on the road?

While you might not be able to maintain your normal workout routines while traveling, finding other ways to incorporate your healthy lifestyle can help enhance your mood and keep you on your A game when it really counts.  s the co-founder of Ramblen and frequent business traveler I’ve learned a few easy tips that can help you stay fit while you travel.

Healthy Meal Ideas

It often seems like traveling is an exercise in patience. You’re waiting in line for security at the airport, waiting in traffic, waiting to board the plane, and you’ve probably checked your email way too much. If you’re in the airport in particular, you’ve got nothing to distract you from your phone and growing appetite but the smell of Cinnabon.

Stave off those cravings (and curb your anger) by munching on a nutritious and convenient pre-packaged meal like these from Go Picnic. They’re also handy in a pinch if your plane is late and you’re running to make your connection. Bonus: bringing snacks with you in the car or on the plane is a whole lot cheaper than buying them on the road, and you’re not at the mercy of the nearest kiosk!

Best Time of Day to Workout

Your day might be packed with activities until late into the night. Networking and client meals are important, so avoid guilt by getting up first thing in the morning and getting your workout in. You’ll get a chance to build those endorphins to prepare you to face a day of business meetings and you’ll be in a better mood for it.

Use Your Workout as a Chance to Sightsee

Many of our meetings will bring us to cities we’ve never seen before. A scenic run or bike ride can serve dual purposes – stay fit and see the place you’re visiting all at the same time! These types of activities allow you to get out and access parts of the city or rural landscape that you can’t get to by car. There’s nothing better than a run through the D.C. Monuments or Mount Sanitas in Boulder long before the rest of the world is awake and yelling at you, and who knows what you might see along the way to your destination? The point is, get out and experience the place you’re visiting. If you’re going to be working out anyway, you might as well!

Use Travel as a Time for Cross Training

It can be hard to know what type of fitness resources might be at your disposal on your trip, so keep an open mind. If you’re a runner who is stuck in an area without a convenient and safe route, hit up a local yoga studio and stretch out those hamstrings (Lord knows you need it!) or rent a bike and ride around. Being open-minded in terms of your workouts on the road will not only help guarantee that you’ll find one that works; you’ll also likely renew your motivation and love of your normal routine. And hey, maybe you’ll even find something new that you love! A little cross training never hurt anyone.

Find Healthy Eating and Exercise Options Online

Knowledge is power, right? Many times, we might not have total control over where that night’s business dinner will be held but it never hurts to be prepared with options in case the opportunity to make a suggestion arises! Get familiar with healthy dining options in the area at all price ranges so that there’s at least a chance of getting a delicious, healthy local meal.

How do you manage to stay healthy on the road?

Danielle-Guiness-e1384532854868About the guest blogger: Danielle Hastings is the co-founder of Ramblen (@ramblen) and author of the humorous running blog, The T-Rex Runner. Ramblen helps you locate places to workout, find running and cycling trails, purchase fitness gear, eat a healthy meal and more so you can stay fit while you travel.