TechCrunch reports that Women 2.0 is growing and for that we’re excited!
By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

Women 2.0 is growing on all levels -with our events, the number of team members and most importantly our audience. TechCrunch recently wrote about our growth and for that we’re excited!

Though a good portion of our readers are located in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, we are continuing to reach a global audience. And despite many of our contributors being founders, not everyone who reads our site will start their own business, and that’s okay. TechCrunch Reports:

To explain the broader vision, [Women 2.0 Shaherose] Charania compared Women 2.0 to Vogue. In the same way that Vogue is read by women who are never going to be models or wear all the expensive clothes featured in the magazine, she said many Women 2.0 readers may never start a company, but her goal is to turn entrepreneurship into “something aspirational.”

The word “community” came to one Women 2.0 pitch finalist’s mind, when comparing her experience between pitching at TechCrunch’s conference and Women 2.0’s conference.

HealthyOut was also onstage at our Disrupt NY conference. The difference between the two events, Nguyen said, is that “there’s more of a community aspect at Women 2.0 … They do a great job of promoting female founders.”

And our community is certainly one thing we are always building not only through our events, but also through the voices and content on our site:

One important aspect to the site’s model, Charania said, is the fact that it lets female entrepreneurs tell their own stories — more than 400 female founders and investors have contributed.

So keep submitting your stories and words of wisdom! Your voice is important part of strengthening our community, as are our upcoming conferences. Cheers!

Jess headshotJessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has a strong interest in women’s issues and writes about them on her blog.