We have your weekly dose of inspiration. This act of courage and refreshing display of self-confidence will put a smile on your face. 

By Jessica Schimm (Assistant Editor, Women 2.0)

Need your weekly dose of inspiration? Well here it is!

When we saw this poem read by founder Sarah McKinney, knew we had to share. In the video McKinney, recites a poem where she answers the question “Why not me?” and addresses letting go of all of her inhibitions. Perhaps the most refreshing thing is hearing her say it with so much conviction.  Described as an entrepreneur, writer, poet and songwriter McKinney is the founder of a soon-to-launch startup called AMP, “which organizes the best information and resources for sustainability students, professionals and social entrepreneurs.”

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Photo by eflon / Flickr.

Jess headshotJessica Schimm (@JessicaSchimm) is the assistant editor at Women 2.0. She is a recent graduate of San Francisco State where she earned a B.A. in journalism and was the editor-in-chief of SF State’s Her Campus chapter. She has a strong interest in women’s issues and writes about them on her blog Women Who Run San Francisco.