18-year-old Entefy co-founder Brienne Ghafourifar made headlines when she raised $1 million in April. Now she’s blown past $2 million.

By Jessica Stillman (Editor, Women 2.0)

Back in April we reported the impressive accomplishments of 18-year-old Brienne Ghafourifar and her co-founder brother Alston, 20, when the siblings raised $1 million for their startup Entefy. But this is one duo who are unafraid to aim high.

In less than three months they’ve doubled their funding haul, raising more than $2 million is a Series AA round. So what has investors so excited? Entify describes itself as “leveraging technology in new ways to better manage and intelligently thread conversations across a variety of popular protocols. Imagine all your conversations organized around the people you want to connect with and what you want to say, not scattered across multiple communication and social apps.”

And how about Ghafourifar herself? Why might she be a draw for VCs? At 18 she’s already a college grad, having attended an accelerated high school and then completed a B.A. in economics from Santa Clara University. Want to get to know Ghafourifar a bit better? Check out this quick interview with the young founder:

Who’s the most impressive young founder you’ve ever met?

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