Sponsored by: The MLOVE ConFestival exposes the mobile industry to the best minds outside of mobile to maximize the opportunity of creating life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better.

Win a free ticket or save 30% for the MLOVE ConFestival in Monterey, CA April 24-26. Women 2.0 teamed up with MLOVE to offer 3 FREE tickets for aspiring women entrepreneurs to participate. MLOVE is known for its inspirational event format about the future of mobile.

Where are the hot opportunities in the mobile space? What are new technologies and business models that are emerging? Where is the puck going in mobile?

Mobile is a catalyst for change and with connected sensors and smart “things” Mobile has become the new computing hub and knowledge source that evolves into the remote control to our lives.

Mobile is changing all industries, economies, the society around us and all aspects of our lives. This creates massive change, disruption and opportunities at the same time. Mobile is certainly a catalyst for great change ahead: for individuals, tribes and local communities – but also for brands, agencies and incumbent industry leaders.

What happens if you cross-pollinate ideas of experts from AT&T, Rambus, Edelman, Mercedes-Benz and Samsung with service designers, Arduino evangelists, artists and wearable experience managers? What is the immersive experience design of the next
generation of mobile devices coming online?

You can see the impact in our daily life styles: the way we check-in, access email or the web and how we interact via social media on our smartphones and tablets – the Post-PC era is here. In 2013, more tablets are sold than laptops, and access to webpages via mobile devices eclipses access via desktop PCs.

While we enter into a Lifestyle of Mobility, collectively we have the chance to capitalize on the huge opportunities but at the same time help empower new generations and parts of society that have been less fortunate to this point in time.

Mobility is a means to accelerate an open society (‘Arab spring’) and to connect people, smart things and ideas. The power of Mobile is beyond a connected life as it allows citizens to have more choice, get better education, access to health providers and foster friendships among tribes and widespread communities.

MLOVE ConFestival is creating an event experience, where you discuss in open innovation workshops together with speakers and fellow participants. You are using design thinking methods and come up with inspiring future scenarios that help in your job but also might change a perspective of your life or our collective future.

Topics to be presented at MLOVE include: Internet of things, connected cars, wearables, immersive experiences & second screen design, trans media, advertising & media and context computing / AI.

If you are exploring new opportunities about the future of mobile, there is no other place where you can get inspired and empowered to tackle your opportunity with the emerging lifestyle of mobility. …. Oh, and never mind the location: MLOVE is hosted at Asilomar, a private conference ground on the Pacific coast in Monterey.

Here is how you can win:

Tweet why you should win the free ticket and use hashtag #MLOVE. The team at Women 2.0 will pick the winner by originality and/or how you express your passion for mobile. Deadline: April 11 midnight PST. Winners will be announced by April 15.

To save 30% of the ticket price, go to the event web site and register with promo code: “women20”