When your company growth doubles every week, there’s plenty of room for error. Michelle Zatlyn explains how to survive it.

By Francesca Fenzi (Staff Writer, Inc.)

CloudFlare, a service that protects websites from security threats and speeds up online performance, has been growing at lightning-speed since its creation in 2009. The company saw more than 720 million unique IP addresses and an estimated 1.3 billion page views in the last year alone.

That’s like going from zero to, well, 1.3 billion in only four years. When you’re growing that fast, there are plenty of ways to screw up.

Co-founder Michelle Zatlyn took the stage at Women 2.0’s “The Next Billion” conference on Valentine’s Day to explain how her company survived the fast growth. Here are six crucial pieces of advice from her presentation.

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Photo credit: (100) Days of Summer