Today’s Women 2.0 Conference on February 14, 2013 is being livestreamed here today and video will be available post-event.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

Kara Swisher is no stranger to the masculine world – she has two sons and reports in the male-dominated technology and business industries. She doesn’t like it, and made it known with humor. The audience of 800+ at the Women 2.0 Conference on February 14 was in stitches with her take on current state of technology and business.

She followed up her stand-up comedy with some advice on how to remedy the uncanny, unfortunate situation: “It starts at the startup level. More startups are run by men, most startups are funded by men. And many years ago, someone said I think this is going to change when there is not a Mark Zuckerberg, but a Marsha Zuckerberg.” There needs to be women startup leaders at the iconic level, she emphasized.

How to do that? Kara Swisher advises women to change the ratio by doing the following: “Create successful companies, selling them and making millions doing that and moving on up the curve and it’s not going to change unless that does actually happen. When women take control of the change they are responsible for changing.”

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Angie Chang is Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Women 2.0, a media company offering content, community and conferences for aspiring and current women innovators in technology. Our mission is to increase the number of female founders of technology startups with inspiration, information and education through our platform. Previously, Angie held roles in product management and web UI design. Angie holds a B.A. in English and Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter at @thisgirlangie.