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By Vlad Shyshov (Co-Founder, Vash)

Most people struggle with reading text – truth is, no one has time to read anymore. There is a person who had this problem and found a solution – let me tell you a really short story about her.

The dyslexic kid Anna Vital was bright but never read much. She loved learning, but text just didn’t make sense to her. She learned by doing. Living in a poor post-Soviet country, the only dream she had was to become an entrepreneur. At 13, she learned English; at 17, she learned Chinese. Three thousand Chinese characters and half-a-dozen businesses later, she ended up in Silicon Valley. Almost everyone she talked to had an idea, but very few people made those ideas into businesses.

After getting a law degree, she saw clearer than ever that she would never accept the fate of working for a corporation; she had to pursue her dream of building a startup. She wanted to help people make the same decision and started a community for entrepreneurs called Funders and Founders, connecting entrepreneurs with investors. After doing a thousand interviews with founders, she understood the biggest obstacle they faced – and it wasn’t money. It was their brain. They over-thought, over-read and over-analyzed their goals.

Being a linguist, she knew how to effectively use words, yet putting those words in a regular book would have been hypocritical – why make a book she’d never read herself? The anxiety of “I need to do something – no time for reading” was in the back of her mind. Just for fun, she made a couple of visualizations about startups. Her infographics became an instant hit, getting published in top U.S. business magazines.

Anna realized that she might not be the only one with that kind of a brain. Now Anna is making an infographic a day, covering everything from how to test a business idea, how to raise money, to how to never give up on entrepreneurship. Requests to make more infographics poured in, and now she decided to publish the first ever infographic book on entrepreneurship.

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About the guest blogger: Vlad Shyshov is a co-founder of Vash. He is a passionate hacker, entrepreneur, and marathon runner. After half-a-decade at Yandex, UBS and the like. He is currently co-writing Becoming an Entrepreneur with Anna Vital. His mission is to bring technology closer to people. When he is not hacking, he is hacking. Follow him on Twitter at @shyshov.