Before founding FlixMaster, Erika founded an Emmy-Winning production company and worked as a filmmaker.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

FlixMaster, a creative platform for enterprise online video, today announced raising $1.125 million in additional funding from a syndicate of investors led by New York-based Golden Seeds. Founded by CEO Erika Trautman, FlixMaster is a graduate of TechStars and Astia that makes online video an interactive experience.

“The promise of enterprise video has been high engagement that converts interaction into action,” said Erika Trautman, co-founder and CEO of FlixMaster. “The problem is, most videos simply transfer a conventional TV-like experience to the web, and even though most viewers go to the video first, they’re gone in a matter of seconds.” FlixMaster technology allows creative professionals to produce content at scale that is highly engaging, converts interaction into action and provides significant ROI.

Before founding FlixMaster, Erika founded an Emmy-Winning production company (Outlier Films), worked as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, television producer and editor. Her work has aired on major networks, cable and PBS, and has shown at various film festivals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University where she studied theater and biology and a Master’s degree in Journalism from UC Berkeley.

Congrats to Erika Trautman and her team at FlixMaster on the additional funding and we look forward to following their continued success in the coming years!

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