Hundreds of women across the globe will have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs in their own language in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

By Cathy Hackl (Founder, Hackl Global)

It has only been a few months since Women 2.0 launched its partnership with Ellas 2.0 and already more than 4,000 female entrepreneurs in Latin America and Spain have expanded their networks and created invaluable business connections through Founder Friday.

This week, Women 2.0 held the annual PITCH Conference in the international business hub of New York City and is celebrating 17 Founder Fridays across the globe, six of which will take place in the Spanish-speaking world. Hundreds of women across the globe will have an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs in their own language in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Spanish is the second-most-widely spoken language in the world and its impact in the business world is ever increasing. Through PITCH and Founder Friday, Women 2.0 aims to identify and promote the best of Latin American and Spanish entrepreneurship. Since going global with their mission and message, Women 2.0 has held 46 events in Spanish. They continue to provide new content and information for women in technology startups in Spanish.

“Latin America boasts a wealth of emerging business markets, representing a ripe landscape for early-stage founders that are building new scalable businesses online. Women’s participation in these new ecosystems is vital and is a great opportunity for them to enter the technology industry in similar conditions as men,” highlighted Patricia Araque, Women 2.0’s Regional Manager for Latin America and Spain and Co-Founder and Director of Ellas 2.0.

Founder Friday events in Madrid, Barcelona and Buenos Aires are already sold out and Mexico City, Bogota and Santiago are almost at capacity, clear proof that female entrepreneurs in Latin America and Spain are eager to build connections and promote their startups.

Araque adds that Women 2.0 understands the potential that the region has when it comes to innovation and understands the passion that culture and business carry in Spanish speaking countries.

In 2013, Women 2.0 will continue to foster collaboration among female entrepreneurs in Latin America and Spain and will reach out to Hispanic female entrepreneurs in the United States. Ellas 2.0 will expand its content in Spanish and its blogger network with more collaboration from influential female entrepreneurs across the globe who are leading their own startups.

Additionally, the PITCH Conference Competition to be held in San Francisco in February will give further attention to the US Hispanic community and to Latin America’s evolving economic ecosystems.

“We want to extend an invitation to the Spanish-speaking female entrepreneurs in the New York area to attend PITCH this week or to join us at Founder Friday in their city. Women 2.0 wants to meet you. We know many of you are role models for the rest of the Spanish speaking world and we want to hear your stories,” added Women 2.0 CEO & Co-Founder, Shaherose Charania.

In January, Women 2.0 will launch its first Portuguese-language Founder Friday in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will continue holding Founder Friday events in Latin America and Spain, creating stronger networks among women in their countries and across borders.

Women 2.0 readers: How are you celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

About the guest blogger: Cathy Hackl lives in Madrid, Spain and is part of the local Founder Friday team in Madrid. She is an Emmy-nominated journalist turned public relations professional and mommy blogger. Cathy has over nine years of international journalism and public relations experience and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has worked for ABC News, CNN, FOX5 and Discovery Channel. Follow her on Twitter at @themommysphere.