Come over to Women 2.0 PITCH NYC – tickets available, click here. I am sure it will be well worth the trip.

By Aida Ingram (CEO, An Inspired You)

It is amazing to watch the feeds on Facebook and Twitter on Friday around 9PM. Slowly you start to see a whole bunch of hashtags, not for some great event, but for a very interesting show, SharkTank. Entrepreneurs come with their best pitch, to get funding, support, and advice from one of the famous investors.

We all like to watch someone talk about their dream and all the work they have done to bring it to life. We stand their hoping and cheering with them that the right deal will come and ultimately make them a millionaire – “the dream”.

That is one of the very reasons why I am so excited about a great event that is happening on Wednesday in New York – Women 2.0 PITCH NYC is a conference and competition, where you have the opportunity to hear from 15 conference speakers who have successfully started and run startups (95% of them are women). You also get to watch 10 finalist all from women led companies present their companies onstage for a chance to win some amazing opportunities and prizes.

More and more people are starting new businesses every day, the “New Entrepreneur Economy” is real and access to information can save you not only valuable time but also save you tons of money. Imagine the synergy in a room full of fresh ideas, startups, experienced entrepreneurs, and venture capitalist. You will have a chance to talk to people who have been there and done that. This is only one of the incredible benefits of attending.

They are going to cover a number of topics that will be helpful to businesses looking to grow in today’s economy. They have also set up a mentorship lunch, where experts will look at your ideas, give you advice and help you with questions about growth and opportunities. Most of us know the value of having people in our lives, who we can ask questions, or who can help us avoid a problem.

Listening to 15 experienced startup founders who have been there and done that is priceless, not to mention the opportunity to run into the next great idea and form partnerships with others who are building from the ground exciting and brand new companies. It also gives business owners a chance to learn about the experience of how you might bring your own business to a new level and create the momentum you need and want to grow whether you have a new business, or you are just looking for new ideas.

The room will be full of great people looking to learn, connect and share. Some will listen so they can better prepare for their up and coming business venture, the more established will get helpful pointers to help their businesses grow and flourish, and others bring their expertise to help someone else. Either way, it will be an inspirational time where people can share their stories and experiences so people from all over the world can learn and benefit.

If you are free tomorrow or you can clear your schedule, come over to Women 2.0 PITCH NYC, they still have tickets – click here for more information. I am sure it will be well worth the trip.

Women 2.0 readers: How do you get inspired and motivated to start up? Let us know who you are and what you’re working on in the comments.

About the guest blogger: Aida Ingram is the CEO of An Inspired You. She does B2B and B2C Marketing for companies, small businesses, startups and non-profits. She specializes in Social Media, and she designs customized solutions and strategies for her clients that blend on-line and off-line marketing strategies to make the largest impact. She has worked for SkyTel, General Electric, Sprint and Proctor & Gamble and with Fortune 1000 companies like Leap Frog, Warner Brothers, WalMart, Best Buy to name a few.