PITCH NYC 2012 finalist Clear Returns will be presenting live on November 14 at PITCH NYC Conference – join us!
By Ellie Turner (Business Development Manager, Clear Returns)

We have come a long way in the six months since Clear Returns was founded. The journey began when our CEO Vicky Brock was frustrated about her pants not fitting properly.

Determined to solve this problem she uncovered a whole new one… returns. She was amazed to discover that one in three items sold online is sent back which can wipe out retailer’s profit margins, this is costing billions and nobody is effectively tackling it!

Clear Returns was born. Vicky gathered a team of experts in analytics, fashion, retail and e-commerce to develop unique, patent pending technology that helps reduce retailer’s costly return rates which in turn enhances the post-purchase shopper experience. The clever software gives retailers access to real-time return information allowing their marketing and stock management teams to act quickly.

CEO of Clear Returns Vicky Brock commented, “We are honoured to be flying the flag for Scotland at such a prestigious global event. Scotland is famous for it’s entrepreneurial spirit and we hope that our passion and belief in our unique product will help us win.”

Our team has been working out of a business incubator in Scotland called Entrepreneurial Spark, and we have been testing like mad with several retailers which has proved the power of our technology.

Having a keen interest in fashion and making clothes myself, I was always interested in clothing fit. When I met Vicky she had the same interests. However, she had discovered the huge and costly problem of retail returns. I was completely fascinated because it was something I never really thought about. Having the opportunity to work in this industry everyday is fantastic, and for our work to be recognised in the U.S. is a huge honour. It’s global domination for the company now, we’re sure the Women 2.0 PITCH NYC Startup Competition is just the beginning!

Clear Returns is a small, young Scottish startup chosen as a finalist to the Women 2.0 PITCH NYC Startup Competition! Surely that can’t be us? Hooray it was! Not only were we chosen, but we are the only non-U.S. company from 300 applicants from 30 countries in the running.

I am ecstatic about coming to New York – I can’t wait to meet everyone and spread the word about Clear Returns!

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About the guest blogger: Ellie Turner is Business Development Manager at Clear Returns. A first class fashion and business graduate from Glasgow Caledonian University, Ellie began as an intern with Clear Returns. She made herself utterly indispensable and is now technically employee number 1. Follow her on Twitter at @EllieT90.