Debunking the three biggest dating myths in San Francisco.

By Dawoon Kang (Co-Founder, Coffee Meets Bagel)

Before we moved to San Francisco, we heard all sorts of conflicting rumors about the dating scene: “San Francisco is the #1 city for single people!” and “San Jose is Man Jose.” What’s actually the case?

Coffee Meets Bagel launched in San Francisco a little over a week ago and we’re excited to have connected so many singles already. Interestingly enough, the demographics of our members in San Francisco validated some of these rumors.

Of course, as closeted geeks obsessed with data, we decided to do some more investigation to see if we could prove – or disprove – these myths once and for all.

Myth #1: San Francisco is a great city for singles!

In terms of sheer numbers of singles, looks like we’d be better off in Los Angeles, or even NYC, the city we just moved from. Ugh! So statistically speaking, San Francisco isn’t the top city for singles percentage-wise.

Myth #1 = BUSTED.

Myth #2: Single girls do not exist in the San Francisco Bay Area

What about the fabled guys vs. girls ratio in San Jose? This one has some validity, with a gender breakdown of 56% male singles to 44% female singles. That’s the most men to women of the six cities we looked at in our study.

Myth #2 = MAYBE.

Myth #3: There is a plentiful supply of newly minted millionaire engineers in San Francisco.

Finally! Although San Francisco may not have the largest percentage of singles as a city, singles here are making bank. At $58,887 per year, the median salary among singles in San Francisco is the highest out of the six cities (OK, it’s not million $$ but we still…)

Myth #3 = TRUE.

So, can we conclude anything from our dating myth-busting experiment? Don’t believe the hype, as they say. But all in all, it’s fascinating to learn about demographics and how they may factor into our dating lives in San Francisco.

The more you know the better, right?

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About the guest blogger: Dawoon Kang is the Co-Founder of Coffee Meets Bagel. She is happy to be finally working on a matter close to her heart, with and for people she loves – her sisters! Prior to Coffee Meets Bagel, she lived and worked in Korea, Japan, New York, India and Hong Kong, in a variety of roles that spanned from strategy and business development, marketing, research to investing/finance. Dawoon holds an MBA from Stanford Business School. Follow her on Twitter at @dawoonis.