Join me in London for Founder Friday London launch on October 26!

By Shaherose Charania (Co-Founder & CEO, Women 2.0)

Finally, Women 2.0 is coming to London! 2012 continues to be a year of growth for Women 2.0 – more US cities, Canada, Latin America and now, the “other center of the universe”, London. That brings our Founder Friday City count to sweet 16! Calls for a celebration, no!?

Join me for the launch of Founder Friday London on October 26 hosted at Google Campus. London has been a buzzof startup activity for a the last five or so years and it’s about time Women 2.0 joined the movement. In fact, number of web startups you use everyday come out of London: Lastminute,, Dopplr, Tweetdeck, Moo, Moonfruit, Touchnote and more.

Well, it seems Brits also invented more than just some of those awesome websites. They claim to also have been the brains behind some other everyday inventions such as the television, the World Wide Web, the iPod, the train, telephone… Impressive, huh? I never knew! Did you? Well, I didn’t say it, you can read more about it here!

I personally haven’t been to London since 1994 (gasp!) but have been watching the scene – from the first launch of Seedcamp to the more recent launch of NY-based General Assembly, even to the launch of BBC Worldwide Labs, head by female tech founder, Jenny Fielding. Clearly, London has a growing, buzzing Startup scene.

In lockstep, established tech giants landed in London including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter (by way of buying Tweetdeck) and of course, our friends at Google.

All this activity has provided a variety of jobs for Europeans from all over. The growth of the technology scene continues to (or perhaps already has) change the socio-economic future of neighbourhoods like Shoreditch in East London akin to the transformation of San Francisco’s Mission District.

As we’ve been getting acquainted with startups in London through our local Founder Friday team, we noticed a slant towards media, music and fashion. Is it safe to say that London will have a similar trend in startups to New York? Or dare I make the comparison!? Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear from you.

Got post Olympic glow? Or are you excited to see us?! Yes, indeed it’s time for Women 2.0 to support the growing innovation scene in London.

The good news? There *are* female founders in London that we have started to connect with and we can’t wait to feature them in a future Female Founders to Watch list, published on Women 2.0 every Friday.

I’d love to meet you in London – tech lover, startup junkie, aspiring founder, current founder or investor – please come join us on October 26 – RSVP as space is limited. See you there!

Going forward you will find Founder Friday hosted in London every first Friday of the month (with a few exceptions like November and January). Watch this page and/or join the Women 2.0 mailing list to stay on top of all upcoming events.

Women 2.0 readers: Are you a technology female founder in London (or know someone who is?) Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: John Goode

4e31d586b69b7a63066e5b6ab9d3008fAbout the writer:
Shaherose Charania is the Co-Founder and CEO of Women 2.0. She is passionate about open innovation in mobile and telephony startups. She is currently running Founder Labs a pre-team, pre-idea incubator for new mobile startups. Follow her on Twitter at @shaherose.