If you need to cash to build your company but aren’t keen on draining your personal savings or giving up equity to venture capitalists, there may be another possibility.
By Jessica Stillman (Writer, Inc.)

Looking to expand? There are the traditional sources: Digging into your own personal savings, loaning from a traditional bank, or finding an angel or VC investor who will fork over the cash for a share of equity.

But there are situations in which none of these is a good option – especially in tough financial times like these. Your personal savings may be skimpy or needed for, well, personal responsibilities.

In the current environment, banks aren’t exactly rushing to help small businesses out and your company may not have the scale or size to attract a VC (or you may simply want to hold on to ownership).

So are you out of luck?

No, says Lighter Capital, a Seattle-based company that offers a unique financing option to entrepreneurs: revenue-based financing.

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