As children, we dream of what we will be when we grow up.
By TD Lowe (Founder & CEO, EnovationNation)

Like most girls with an inclination for science, I wanted to be a Jedi.

With insight into my potential, my mother moved me to another school in fourth grade that offered better academic opportunities. It was there that I was exposed to my first computer programming course and the spark of innovation was ignited. The course of my life has taken me through studies in International Finance, Japanese, Asian Studies and Economics only to return to the thing that I have most loved – technology.

On September 10, 2012, we launched the beta of EnovationNation at one of the greatest forums for any startup – TechCrunch Disrupt. The experience was better than amazing. We met other amazing companies like who were our neighbors in Startup Alley, connected with established businesses like Oracle, SAP and Microsoft and made a lot of new friends. Most notably, I learned what it really means to take a glimmer in my heart and make a tangible product.

It was an American History discussion on innovators in ninth grade that became the catalyst for EnovationNation. A fellow student suggested that a slave, not Eli Whitney, invented the cotton gin. My teacher replied that is was the fault of the slave that he did not have “common sense to file for a patent”. I responded that a slave, who was not considered a human being, failing to file for a patent had little to do with common sense but had everything to do with opportunity. In that one instant, I understood more about innovation than would ever be taught to me in a classroom.

“Necessity” indeed is “the mother of invention.” – Plato
TechCrunch Disrupt provided us the platform to launch our dream and to see the fruition of many years of hope that someday people like that no name slave, Nikola Tesla and even the Winkelvoss twins would be given fair opportunity to realize their own dreams without the worry of their ideas being stolen.

The 2011 Reinvent America Act making the U.S. a “first to file” versus a “first to create” system has caused concern for small inventors and innovators. The law does carry one very important caveat. If a person makes their idea public, then they are afforded one year to file a patent on that idea and it impedes anyone else from patenting the idea within that year. The protection lies in swiftly publishing ideas in a public place. EnovationNation is that public place.

We provide a social marketplace for I3 (ideas, inventions and innovations) that allows users publish their ideas, innovation and inventions for sale in the market levering the one year protection granted by law to file a patent.

We answer the problem that most face, how to protect an idea and ultimately how to monetize it. On the other side of the market are businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations that purchase I3 to enhance competitive advantage, to aid in government initiatives or to customize the specialized delivery of philanthropic efforts.

We provide the solution for businesses who adamantly seek competitive advantage by providing a world of innovation at their fingertips for a fraction of the cost of R&D expense. Most importantly, we answer the question that has plagued our fledgling economy for more than 50 years by creating a place for free flow of innovation.

Relocating to the Silicon Valley in March, building a full prototype by April, getting an angel investment in May, building and launching the beta in September… it makes six months of hard work seem like six years.

It is the beginning of a dream for EnovationNation – but most importantly the beginning of an incubator for the dreams of an entire world.

We are committed to those like us who want to protect and monetize their ideas, and committed to the economic growth that fluid innovation will create. One decision like my mother’s could be the difference between realizing and stifling the dreams of an entire world.

Make the decision to join our nation of innovators.
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About the guest blogger: TD Lowe is the founder and CEO of EnovationNation, a meso-economist and self-taught techie whose passion for technology, economics and solutions serves as the inspiration EnovationNation. With 10 years of experience in Finance and Strategy and a desire to change the world, EnovationNation will reformulate the landscape of the world’s economy through fluid innovation. TD holds a degree from The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration. Follow her on Twitter at @CEOofNVM.