Pooja Sankar started working from home 5 days after giving birth to her son Arjun.
By Ellen Lee (Contributing Writer, San Francisco Chronicle)

Three days after giving birth to her son, Pooja Sankar was already fielding phone calls from work. Sankar, founder and CEO of Palo Alto’s Piazza, an online gathering place for college students and professors, has only picked up the pace since then.

That Yahoo picked Marissa Mayer, due with her first child this year, to be the Internet company’s CEO has become the latest fodder in the working mom debate. Should she or shouldn’t she? Can a woman “have it all?” And just how does a mother balance the needs of her children and her business?

Sankar, whose son is less than a month old, is living it. She’s busy preparing Piazza for the new school year, so that students and professors can work together online when they’re not in the classroom. And all the while she’s recovering from the birth and getting to know her new bundle of joy.

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