Earlier this week, the winners of the second annual Google Science Fair were announced.
By Dino Grandoni (Contributor, The Huffington Post)

The Grand Prize winner of the science fair, for good reason, was a 17-year-old from Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

Combining the fields of biology and computer science, Brittany Wenger wrote an app that helps doctors diagnose breast cancer, according to the description of her project on Google.

The type of computer program, called a “neural network,” was designed by Wenger to mimic the human brain: Give it a massive amount of information (in this case, 7.6 million trials), and the artificial “brain” will learn to detect complex patterns and make diagnostic calls on breast cancer.

Her program used data from “fine needle aspirates,” a minimally invasive procedure that, unfortunately, is often one of the least precise diagnosis processes, according to Fox News. But Wenger is helping change that, as her program correctly identifies 99% of malignant tumors.

“I think it might be hospital ready,” she told WWSB. “I’d love to get different data from doctors. Right now, I have 700 test samples.”

Visit her app at Cloud4Cancer Breast Cancer Detection (here) to see how it works.

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