eBay’s women in tech group is sponsoring tickets to women who enjoy coding or designing iOS apps.

By Jennifer Holmes (Organizer, iOSDevCamp 2012)

“Women in Tech” could mean a variety of different women, from the serious coder to the UI designer to the CEO.

Although occasionally women are in short supply in the engineering department, we are working hard to change that across the board. iOSDevCamp has always had good diversity in its attendees – and now it’s about to get a whole lot better.

eBay’s Women in Technology group is sponsoring free tickets to any women who enjoy coding or designing iPhone/iPad apps.

This event is the seventh not-for-profit iOS developer conference and has a great history of churning out some brilliant apps in 48 hours. The prizes are excellent – the sponsors pull out all the stops to encourage developers to bring their A-game during the weekend.

If you love creating in iOS or are a UI designer who likes a challenge, please contact me for your discount code to iOSDevCamp on July 20-22 in San Jose, CA.

Developers, designers and entrepreneurs for iOS are invited to attend the 3-day weekend event in the format of past iPhone/iPad DevCamps. Why? We love the developer community!?? Please note this is not a training event. iOSDevCamp is for existing iOS developers and designers to build and demo new iOS apps within 48 hours (over our three-day event).

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Photo credit: Adam Tow on Flickr.

About the guest blogger: Jennifer Holmes is an organizer of iOSDevCamp. She is an independent event producer who has worked on tech events such as She’s Geeky, Digital Death Day, The Scala Lift Off and analog events like Bay to Breakers and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. She got her start in both tech and events in the pre-boom years at Wired Magazine when the internet was just a pipsqueek.