When you feel powerful, you believe you are capable of anything – and you push yourself farther.

By Blake Landau (Blogger, Artemis)

Can you imagine if the most important class in business school was “Self Empowerment 101?” Being empowered is a key part of being successful in business — but no one tells you that when you’re graduating from school.

Self-empowerment affects your confidence levels, and confidence is incredibly important whether you’re running your own business or looking to get ahead in your career.

Jezebel released a story “The War On Women By the Ridiculous Numbers” stating the average American woman can expect to be “stiffed out of $431,360 during the duration of her working career.”

We need to empower ourselves so this doesn’t continue to happen. I want to spark a discussion around self-empowerment — and get women talking about what makes them feel empowered. I’d like to see more how-to information for women around being empowered. Let’s share stories among each other about what women are doing spiritually to get to the next level. When you feel powerful, you believe you are capable of anything – and you push yourself farther. You ask for the opportunities you feel you deserve.

You ask for a better salary and you don’t put up with treatment in the workplace (and in your personal lives) that leaves you feeling disrespected.

I’m talking to you. You who don’t speak up in meetings, you who believe you aren’t paid ad much as your male counterparts, you who mitigate your words by couching them as questions, you who hide your statements by including like, um, you know. I have been there too. Empowerment has to start inside. It’s a pure, raw and unshakable belief in oneself. But the journey to self-empowerment is easier said than done, particularly with the traps that are set up for women along the way — the war on women is everywhere. The media at every turn tells us we aren’t good enough. We are bred to be insecure.

Sometimes it’s hard to acknowledge the fact that being a nice girl is completely counterproductive to doing what is best for you. The truth is you will excel in your career when you are an empowered woman, and to be an empowered woman you need to get to know yourself.

To help you do that, I’ve put together a workshop in San Francisco with renown Bay Area career coach Dr. Barbara Mark to provide an engaging and fun workshop designed for working girls like you. We’re hosting the “Get Your Groove Back Workshop” taking place June 30, 2012 from 1pm to 4pm. This workshop provides an experience that gives you the tools to bring clarity and possibility together, and positions you to take your big next steps in your life, in your relationships and your career.

Even if we don’t see you at the workshop, this month try to take some steps to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Because self-empowerment is rooted in self-awareness, and when you are empowered, girlfriend there is no stopping you.

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About the guest blogger: Blake Landau is a blogger, speaker and consultant living in the San Francisco. She’s worked with brands such as Verizon Wireless on social media, branding, public relations and marketing. She started her career in customer strategy building Customer Management IQ, a social networking site and online business publication. She loves her running and book clubs. Blake blogs at What’s Your Story?. Follow her on Twitter at @BlakeLandau.