BetaBeat declares “The Depressing State of Women at the Nations’ Top 71 Venture Capital Firms”.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

The old boy’s club is alive and well. Try going to any top tier venture capital firm’s website and take a look at the rows of smiling men.

The editors at BetaBeat did this and created a slideshow of “The Depressing State of Women at the Nations’ Top 71 Venture Capital Firms”. Yes, a glorious 71-page slideshow.

They urge you to “page through this list of venture capital’s heavyweights, and it’s striking to see how few women have made it to the upper ranks. Also striking was the perfect 100 POFR, or percentage of female receptionists, at the VC firms we called.” Zing.

While there is no shortage of female-friendly accelerators (Astia, 500 Startups, Springboard, Golden Seeds) and female-friendly venture capital firms (StarVest Partners, DBL Ventures) and accelerators, these networks are not as high profile and the funds not as large.

Here’s to hoping for more appointments of women as partners of venture capital firms, and for less sexual discrimination in general!

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