“No class and no book can teach you startups. Just do the startup.”

By Anna Vital (Founder, Funders & Founders)

Stop checking email. You will never get an email about how to do your startup. Check once a day.

Turn off the “noise”. Eliminate bills, neighbors, insurance, social networks, deals, restaurants, distant relatives. Unsubscribe from everything and put blockers. Information that does not help your startup is worthless.

Hide your phone. Answer calls once a day. Use the phone when YOU need it.

Think. For 30 minutes a day – breathe. Think about the big picture. Where is your life going?

Stop “studying.” It’s time to do – studying time is over. No class and no book can teach you startups. Just do the startup.

Find startup people. Be around people who are involved with startups. Spending time with other people will take you out of focus.

Focus on YOUR success. How others succeeded may not work for you. Find your way. What you read in the news does not matter if the news is not about YOU.

Value your time. You can only concentrate for up to two hours at a time.


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About the guest blogger: Anna Vital is the founder of Funders and Founders, a San Francisco-based startup promoting startupization. She has been an entrepreneur since age 14 when she opened her fist business, a test-prep school. After attending Brigham Young University in Utah, she attended law school in Nanjing, China. She speaks Mandarin Chinese, English, and Russian. In her ideal world, everyone from moms to engineers to executives will do startups. Follow her on Twitter at @fundersfounders.