The next Founder Friday Orange County is June 1 hosted by Moon Cho, founder of Ying and Yang Living – Free RSVP for Founder Friday Orange County here.

By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)

At the Orange County edition of Founder Friday last month, SKINMETRO co-founder and president Yaneth Acosta stated, “I’m so proud to be here today, it’s a proud day for Orange County – we have something better than Orange County Housewives right now we can brag about so thank you Women 2.0 you saved Orange County!”

At the beginning of the Founder Friday Orange County launch event, Women 2.0 director Sepideh Nasiri instructed the crowd, “What we would like for you to do today is meet at least one inspiring person, hopefully inspire someone else and then pass it on because paying forward pays off.”

Fight Class founder and host Kristen Nedopak says, “When females feel empowered and they’re in a room of other females that are just kicking ass, it’s an incredible feeling… The first time that you have someone come up to you and say ‘you changed my self, you told me your story and you inspired me – and I’m going to do that’ – priceless. That to me is what this is about.”

Below is a video a Founder Friday participant made:

You can also find this Ashley Media video about Women 2.0 Orange County on Vimeo.

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Angie Chang co-founded Women 2.0 in 2006. She currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of Women 2.0 and is working to mainstream women in high-growth, high-tech entrepreneurship. Previously, Angie held roles in product management and web UI design. In 2008, Angie launched Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners, asking that guys come as the “+1” for once. Angie holds a B.A. in English and Social Welfare from UC Berkeley. Follow her on Twitter at @thisgirlangie.