She entered college at age 12 and enrolled in a Ph.D. program at 17. Now, Danielle Fong wants to solve the ‘holy grail’ of green energy issues.

By Sarah F. Berkowitz (Contributor, Mother Nature Network)

Danielle Fong was only 19 years old when she founded a technology company with the goal of perfecting green energy storage and utilization.

Not bad for a middle-school dropout — except that this dropout entered college at the age of 12, graduated with honors at 17 and then proceeded to join a Princeton Ph.D. program in the Plasma Physics Lab. Now 24, she ditched Princeton after realizing that many of her brilliant professors were spending all their time seeking funding for research.

“I figured I’d make my fortune first and then fund my own research,” Fong said during an interview with Forbes. Her company, LightSail Energy, is working on technology to create easier storage of energy created from renewable resources.

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