“Find your tech founder bud, share and learn” – Founder Friday host and TapHunter founder Melani Gordon.
By Anne McColl (Principal, The Best D@mn Copywriter)

Over 100 San Diego women turned out for the launch of Founder Friday in San Diego. It was held in the garden atrium in the offices of sponsor Procopio overlooking downtown San Diego and the harbor.

Adriana Herrera, Founder and CEO of Fashioning Change, and Melani Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of TapHunter, were our hosts.
They both echoed the similar theme of the importance of community and finding mentors.

Adriana mentioned how her mentors challenged her to think even bigger, “Any idea you have can be ten times bigger.” Melani shared how important it was to find other tech founders who could offer support, “Find your tech founder bud, share and learn.”

I met plenty of new people and saw some familiar faces (some of whom had started their own business since the last time I saw them.) It was an inspiring evening and I think I may have even found a few collaborators. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Check out my Sketchnotes from Women 2.0 Founder Friday San Diego here or below:

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