Contest rules updated on March 26, 2012.
By Shelly Kapoor Collins (CEO, Enscient Corporation)

I’m issuing a challenge today that is about the power in numbers that the grassroots community brings to any campaign. Attend First Lady Michelle Obama’s reception to be held in San Francisco (3/30) in my place….all in support of the Re-Election campaign.

Well, the rules have changed a bit to give everyone a chance to attend and the amount to raise is more easily attainable.

Here are three easy steps to get started, once you click on the link below:

  • Set a goal that you want to raise. $500 gets a General Reception ticket and $1000 gets a VIP ticket.
  • Click the “Share with your friends” button – so that your friends can donate to you, through your personal link on your wall.
  • Your friends can pledge their support in any amount towards your goal – which
    will help you win. Hit your goal, and you can meet the First Lady!

So, if you are trying to get the $500 General reception ticket, all you need are ten (10) friends to pledge $50 each, twenty (20) friends to pledge $25 each, or any combination that gets you to $500.

Same goes for the $1000 VIP reception ticket….just get your friends to pledge their support to you, reach your goal, and meet the First Lady!

Here’s the link to get started:

Good luck, the reception is in 4 days!

Why this challenge?

In founding Root Square, my mission is to connect campaigns and nonprofits with their hardest working grassroots supporters who mobilize the most people, raise the most money, and advocate for the cause furthest and widest.

And, to reward these hard working people with perks usually reserved for the upper echelon. We level the playing field for the grassroots community and give this important base the ability to be publicly recognized for all that they do. Root Square is powered by and sits on social media.

Supporters who work hardest and achieve the most impressive results will reap the rewards. From earning a meeting with the CEO or Executive Director, to a seat at a fancy luncheon, a discussion with the candidate or elected official, backstage passes to a concert or a seat on the Press bus… to a very cool prize which I personally am offering… a chance to meet the First Lady of the United States!

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About the guest blogger: Shelly is CEO of Enscient Corporation. She is also Founder of Root Square, an innovative fundraising platform which enables political candidates and nonprofits to raise funds and awareness across leading social media sites. Shelly is a technology advisor to the Office of the Attorney General, Honorable Kamala D. Harris (CA), and a Technology and Social Media Advisor to the India-Senate Caucus co-chaired by Senator Mark Warner (VA).