By Deborah Jackson (Co-Founder, Women Innovate Mobile)
Editor’s note: Check out this network map for Women Innovate Mobile (WIM), inspired by Fast Company’s infographic of Y Combinator’s network.

Since the Women Innovate Mobile launch on December 21, 2011, we’ve received inquiries from entrepreneurs across the U.S. and across the globe.

Thanks to JumpThru’s designer, Tina Gong, we’ve got clearer picture of who’s applying to WIM:


This post was originally posted at Women Innovate Mobile’s blog.

About the guest blogger: Deborah Jackson is co-founder of Women Innovate Mobile, an accelerator for women-led early-stage mobile ventures. She is founder of JumpThru and My Tech Letter. She was an Investment Banker for over 20 years having started at Goldman Sachs after Columbia Business School. She was a member of New York New Media angel investing group in the mid 1990s and invested in several early stage companies. Follow her on Twitter at @dbdj1007.