By Leslie Bradshaw (Contributor, Forbes)
In recent interviews, we’ve talked about the lack of women in the technology world, but we haven’t yet touched on the need for more women in leadership roles in academia.

In 2009, The White House Project found that women hold just 23% of the leadership roles in academia, this despite the fact that for over a decade women have outnumbered men in college enrollment.

My interview today focuses on an individual who is making waves in both pools: tech and academia.
Perry Hewitt is part of the small but impressive club of female Chief Digital Officers (other members include Rachel Sterne and Angela Wei).

You may not be familiar with the title of CDO: it’s a relatively new role created to help organizations navigate the world of digital media. Given the complexity of the job, and the whole tool box of skills it requires, it’s a safe bet that anyone carrying around the title is uniquely talented. And if you’re the CDO of Harvard University? There are few higher and more challenging posts out there for a digital strategist.

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Photo credit: Rose Lincoln, Harvard Staff Photographer