By Roger Park (Blog Editor, AT&T Interactive Blog)

This week, AT&T Interactive will be a participant and sponsor of Women 2.0’s Founder Friday at the Bluxome Winery in San Francisco. In 2011, we were a sponsor of Women 2.0’s San Francisco session of Founder Labs, which was a great experience. And it’s that entrepreneurial spirit Women 2.0 exemplifies with these events that makes us proud to work with Women 2.0 again this year!

I’m happy to tell you about the YP? Developer Program – our new program that offers app and web developers free access to information on more than 17 million local businesses across more than 4,600 categories. We give developers direct access to all the content that has made AT&T Interactive a leader in local.

In keeping with the sprit or innovation and entrepreneurship fostered by Women 2.0, we also recently announced the YPSM Developer Challenge, a chance to win $5,000 cash and a trip to the SXSW Trade Show in Austin, Texas where you can join us to promote your app.

I asked Joanna McFarland, VP, Publisher Network at AT&T Interactive who will be at the PITCH event on February 14th about her thoughts on Women 2.0 Founder Friday and here’s what Joanna said:

“We’re excited to be a sponsor of Women 2.0’s Founder Friday and to help foster innovative startup ideas. We think there are lots of opportunities for innovation and creative use cases in local, and through our YPSM Developer Program and our YPSM Developer Challenge, we hope to spur that innovation and help developers build on our local platform.”

Got a great idea for a killer local app? Well, I invite all the attendees of Women 2.0’s Founder Friday to check out our YPSM Developer Challenge! See YP Developer Challenge rules for more details!

Learn more about the competition at Founder Friday in SF, February 3rd.

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Photo credit: Christine Tran on Twitter.

About the guest blogger: Roger Park is the blog editor at AT&T Interactive Blog, which showcases the latest news, product, insights and more at AT&T Interactive.