By Gina Trapani (Creator, ThinkUp & Todo.txt Apps)
I’ve switched to an iPhone as my primary mobile device because I’m dogfooding my new iOS app. Coming off of three straight years of Android, one of the toughest parts of the transition was losing the applications drawer.

My new iPhone had so many screens of icons, all perfectly aligned in a grid, every one with rounded corners, all equal visual weight, nary a widget in site! I got dizzy swiping across the carousel of apps trying to find the one I needed.

I decided to get all my apps onto 1 or 2 homescreens using folders that made it obvious what was where.

By default, when you drag one app onto another to create a folder, iOS suggests a folder name based on the apps’ category, like “Reference”, “Music,” or “Productivity.” I tried this for awhile, but these category names were so vague they didn’t solve my problem, they just gave it a different shape.

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