By Marta Alonso (Founder, Muuby)
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I left college three yaers ago to find my first job as a journalist, and soon began to work as a web consultant at EsadeCreapolis.

I remember perfectly every day that went by, learning new concepts at breakneck speeds. There, I met Ivan Caballero, who a few months later became my business partner and source of inspiration.

Our startup Muuby started as a means of working with the people they wanted to work with and, more than anything, to have fun with them.

Today, Muuby is a startup to monitor social networks. The project has permitted me to learn from people and nurture new skills. To speak about Muuby is to speak about two partners that started in a 5m2 office in a basement with no natural light, organizing meetings via Skype, with one single employee at the time living in Tenerife.

As each day passed in Muuby, I realised that I had inherited an entrepreneurial spirit in my DNA. Effort, sacrifice and hard work were values she had acquired at an early age.

I have developed skills that I never would have imagined, including:

  • Management
  • Community Management
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Development

We have had the pleasure to work on great campaigns such as ‘Pills to prevent the pain of others’ among many others.

Two years after founding the company, Muuby consists of 15 people. The #muubies are a very young team that puts passion into their day to day work, a working philosophy true to the essence of which I believe.

Outside of working in Muuby, I am inquisitive and a self-confessed addict in discovering new internet trends. The last phenomenon that has caught on has been Instagram. In January of 2011, a group of 6 people met under the name #igersbcn. I called the founder of the blog to tell him my idea: to create communities around the world and bring together iphoneography fans. Thus was born the first igersbcn community, which since then has been joined by other cities around the world. Today there are over 360 extended Igers groups on the planet that consider themselves the official Instagram community, an application that grows at a rate of 1 million users per month.

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About the guest blogger: Marta Alonso is Founder and New Business Director of Muuby. Previously, she held roles in online marketing at Sit Mobile, CM at Thinklink and worked as Dept. Prensa at RCD Espanyol de Barcelona, SAD. She attended Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. Follow her on Twitter at @MartaAlonso.