By Oscia Wilson (Founder & CEO, Boiled Architecture)
Five months ago, I became an entrepreneur. After pulling the trigger on my dream, I wanted to learn from and bond with other women who had made their own leaps of faith. Strangely enough, I had a hard time finding a conference or retreat in California that wasn’t specifically for tech startups or venture capital funded structures. This didn’t seem right to me. Don’t the rest of us also need to round out our skills, find mentors, and get support?

So I took it upon myself to organize just such an event. The Retreat for Entrepreneurial Women is a three-day event for women who are or are preparing to become entrepreneurs – in any field.

On March 9-11, 2012 at the Asilomar conference grounds in Monterey Bay, California – you’ll be choosing from a large list of workshops, which are presented by other women just like you who have a skill to offer.

Topics for the skills workshops will fall into these four categories:

  • Technical skills – Business formation, accounting and taxes for non-accountants, legal requirement of hiring people, etc.
  • Managing people skills – Best practices in hiring and firing, motivating your team, negotiating, etc.
  • Holistic approach – Improving health and nutrition to be more effective, the link between generosity and prosperity, transparent business practices, etc.
  • Marketing and differentiation – Growing your client base, using connections effectively, media-based marketing, public speaking, quantifying and articulating your value to the customer, etc.

In addition, there will be opportunities for you to present a 1-minute elevator pitch about your business so that we can connect you with peer mentors who are interested in the same space. All of this learning and camaraderie will be taking place at a beautiful seaside conference facility that was founded and designed by female trailblazers.

We can gain valuable, tangible skills and tactics in a format that comes naturally to women: an environment of horizontal, mutual connections. Please sign up and help spread the word for the event to other high-performing women in your network.

For more info and to register, click here.

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About the guest blogger: Oscia Wilson is the Founder and CEO of Boiled Architecture, an architecture firm that specializes in commercial and healthcare architecture. She blogs and speaks about the business of architecture, transparent business practices, and Integrated Project Delivery for the building industry.