By Angie Chang (Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Women 2.0)
The TechStars NYC early application deadline is January 10, 2012 and the final deadline is January 23, 2012.

Want to hear how TechStars can affect an early-stage startup? Read this blog post from a TechStars participant:

“What I needed, and what I got from the TechStars process, was a huge shift in focus – from minimizing risk to maximizing the opportunity for Red Rover.

This shift happened over the course of 100 meetings. This happened under the influence of mentors who did not have “answers” but did have experience and knew what it was like to be in my shoes and knew what had made the difference for them.

This shift happened very very quickly because it had to, the program is only three months long. On Demo day I had to stand up and fit my whole worldview and plan into 6 minutes. There are an incredible number of decisions that went into every minute of that presentation.

What is this shift worth to Red Rover? A lot more than 6%.

Could we have done this without TechStars? Absolutely. It would have taken longer. Significantly longer. It would have taken me three months just to schedule 20% of those same meetings. Our particular market segment – social software for the enterprise – is a fast moving wave. For us, that lost time would have been incredibly expensive.

For me, and for my team, our time in TechStars was the right decision. We got what we hoped. The environment and process offered the absolute maximum amount of learning possible. It allowed us to grow in our thinking as much as we could as fast as we could. That learning greatly enhances our current company.

We, as individuals and a team, will have that learning the rest of our lives.”

Go ahead and take a look at the TechStars application and consider if the program makes sense for your venture – do you want to accelerate and have fast can you make it happen?

Let’s go big.

Photo credit: Martin Heigan on Flickr.