By Annie Chang (Co-Founder & Head of UX, Lolapps)
Last Tuesday, 6waves-Lolapps “quietly” launched its first two mobile games, Yeti Town and Splode. Both games are developed by Escalation Studios in Dallas. Splode is a relaxing musical game and Yeti Town is an adorable matching game. So much for “quiet”.

Within less than 24 hours, Yeti Town reached the top spot in the iOS App Store’s free section. Splode is currently the top Family Game in 12 countries. 6waves-Lolapps is headquartered in Hong Kong and our largest office is in San Francisco.

The result of the merger of 6waves and Lolapps, 6waves-Lolapps is one of the top developers and leading publisher of games on Facebook. We have big plans for both publishing independent developers’ games as well as developing our own games on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Yeti Town and Splode were our first mobile apps, a testing ground of sorts for our marketing techniques in the mobile space.

If the success of Yeti Town and Splode are any type of bellwether, we should have a big year in 2012. We’ll be publishing roughly 35 mobile titles by the end of next year. This, coupled with our continued focus on social should see our company more than double in size next year.

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About the guest blogger: Annie Chang is Co-Founder and Head of User Experience at Lolapps. She oversees game production at LOLapps. Prior to co-founding Lolapps, Annie has held various technology roles, including engineering at Adobe (Advanced Technology Lab) and product management at BitTorrent. In 2010, Annie was named one of the Most Influential Women In Technology by Fast Company magazine. Annie holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.