By Aulia Halimatussadiah (Co-Founder & CTO, NulisBuku)
I’ve been a blogger since 2003 — a clueless blogger who blogged about my boring classmates or what I ate for dinner.

Blogging has been rewarding. I had the opportunity to write books and build my first startup in 2006, an online bookstore. I went from journal blogging to writing my journal of reaction to expertise blogging to building my personal brand.

But I started small — blogging, one post at a time.

Recently, I held an event in Jakarta called ON|OFF 2011 — Ideas Meet Opportunities. The event was attended by a thousand bloggers and social media users, helping online communities meet offline to enable ideas to meet the opportunities. If we look closely to the people attending, each of them have a story in how blogging and social media has change their lives.

One of them is Diajeng Lestari. I met her several months ago at an event, where I judged some startups to compete in regional area. I was wearing a pretty unconventional fashion for a judge, and she’s been eyeing me with her camera. She asked me to pose for her. It’s for her fashion blog. From there we had conversation about how she wanted to create her own startup in Hijab fashion. I give her some advice, even had follow-up meeting afterwards. Then she act on her idea and launch HijUp — a place for people shopping hijab online and she had more plans for her startup.

At ON|OFF 2011 event, I asked Diajeng to participate on the main stage. She then invite her HijUp tenants’ designers to walk on the stage with their designs. These amazing ladies mostly starting their journey as a fashion blogger and been actively participating in social media, and now all of them are successfully following their dreams — just by starting with one small step: blogging passionately.

I want to quote HijUp — “Effective planning is 80% execution. Let’s start now.”

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Photo credit: Ikhlasul Amal on Flickr.

About the guest blogger: Aulia Halimatussadiah (Ollie) is the Co-Founder and CTO of NulisBuku, the first online self publishing company in Indonesia. She is a writer of 20 books, varying in topics from fiction to business. Her passion in books and writing led her to entrepreneurship and community organizing. She’s currently active organizing community events as one of #StartupLokal initiators. Follow her on Twitter at @salsabeela.