By Marian Mangoubi (Founder & CEO, Sassy CEO)
There’s an image of entrepreneurial women focusing on their startups on beauty, shopping, and fashion (“Pink Ghetto“). However, after a year of studying tech companies founded by women, I can say emphatically that this is a misrepresentation.

Last year around this time there was a lot of discussion, “where are all the women in tech?” Each time I heard or read this. I noticed there were never statistics provided on the number of tech companies founded by women.

Where is the due diligence and facts? It bothers me when relevant statics are not provided. Faced with the Pink Ghetto issue, I was unable to find anyone with numbers, so I decided to try to find the answer for myself. In doing this, I have not only managed to identify 546 female-founded tech companies, but I have shown that the stereotypes are false and the concerns are misguided.

In 546 female-founded tech companies, the top industries that the women founders are focusing on are:

  1. TECHNOLOGY — 74 startups including CloudFlare, GeoMagic, HarQen, Ning, Sense Networks, Six Apart.
  2. BUSINESS — 71 startups including Candid Capture, ConsumerBell, ContactKarma, IndieGoGo, Minted, Quantum Retail Technology.
  3. MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT — 71 startups including, BlogHer, Ground Report, Huffington Post, MingleMedia TV, 6Waves LolApps.

Here, I looked at technology companies as those that build the actual software/equipment that will power other businesses. Businesses companies qualify as startups providing tools that help businesses but are not marketing or advertising related. Here’s what I found:

It’s time to blow the lid off the “female ghetto” company stereotype for women starting starting — and start promoting all the kinds of businesses that women found!

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About the guest blogger: Marian Mangoubi is the Founder and CEO of Sassy CEO, an online media site for and about women tech entrepreneur. She shines a light on the innovative businesses women start in this space as well as provide a female perspective on the space. Prior to Sassy CEO, Marian worked in digital and traditional marketing. Marian holds a B.A. in Sociology from Saint Mary’s College and an MBA from Indiana University Northwest. Follow her on Twitter at @SassyCEOs.